About the artists

There are just a few chuppot performed in the Czech Republic each year so we had to learn to use the internet for selling our ketubot to foreign customers. Marketing is not our range, so it is hard to compete with the big resellers.

We are interested in typography, ornaments and symbols, because there is also a deeper meaning, not just the function of a visual impression. According to the Jewish doctrine the Alefbet, symbols and numbers build different spiritual levels by their combinations. So we are not only drawing, but also trying to understand the hidden spirit.

Eliahu, son of the chief rabbi in Czech Republic Efraim Sidon, studied on several yeshivas (Jewish religious schools) in Israel and also Hebrew calligraphy.

Carolina (Chaja) finished art school in Prague and has experience in many different art fields.

However, we like this traditional art very much. The ketubot are like a gold mine for us to scrabble traditional designs and color variations.

“The ketubah is whithout doubt the most fascinating and romantic chapter in the history of Jewish civilization”.
Dr. Moses Gaster, author of the first book about the ketubah.